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Kim Kitchen

To Re-convene // To Shoreline • The Book

To Re-convene // To Shoreline • The Book

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An artist’s book is a medium of artistic expression that uses the form or function of “book” as inspiration. The artistic initiative seen in the illustration, choice of materials, creation process, layout and design makes it an art object.  To Re-convene // To Shoreline is a photographic journey of two islands on the south shore of Lake Nipissing. To meet up, to arrive once again, a convergence of being and becoming. The shoreline is both a refuge and passage—one emerges from or enters through. To Re-convene // To Shoreline exposes Kim’s honouring of sacred earth. It offers a  reflection in-depth, perspective and experience, with appreciation and joy at finding  ‘self’ once again in the natural landscape. 9" x 8" Depth 1/4" - 90 pages 

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