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Born and raised in Siberia, Russia, I moved to Canada in 1998. Here in Canada, I started painting and underwent my journey as an artist. I have always felt like an artistic soul, but took to painting later in my life. I am constantly working on perfecting my technique, and pushing creative boundaries. My main medium is acrylic, which I like due to its vibrancy and versatility. I fill my paintings with movement, color and positive energy. I describe my style as semiabstract impressionism. I paint by using acrylic gel and modeling paste to add opaque and transparent layers, with texture, to vague shapes and indistinct lines. My inspirations are from the surroundings of the village of Washago, ON where I pursue my full time career as an artist. I am proud to say that I've been participating in art shows and exhibits since 2018.
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    Elena Dinissuk
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