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Colleen Pollack

Algonquin Sunset

Algonquin Sunset

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19" x 13" Giclée Print on Archival Metallic Paper Lustre. Matted and Framed.

Picture the serene shores of an Algonquin Park lake at sunset, following a stormy day. The sky is a brilliant canvas, alive with hues of blue and orange. Clouds, once ominous, now dance in the fading light, reflecting the sun's fiery display. The lake mirrors this breathtaking scene, doubling its beauty. As the sun sets, colours intensify, creating a surreal, yet stunning, panorama. The air is calm, carrying the earthy scent of rain. Birds return, their songs adding to nature's symphony. This Algonquin sunset, after the storm, is a fleeting, magical moment, a testament to nature's power and beauty.

24.75"x19" Matted & Framed

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