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MAC 2021 Spring/Summer Face Mask 2

MAC 2021 Spring/Summer Face Mask 2

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Our mask highlights the acronym for Muskoka Arts & Crafts (MAC) that’s full of energy and individuality. Our custom printed face coverings come in two fabric types to give you extra peace of mind in style. Made from soft and satiny 200 thread count in 100% cotton sateen or a durable poly microtwill. Like cotton sateen, poly twill is a semi-structured fabric that allows for movement, making it extremely comfortable to wear against your face for long periods of the day. Because this fabric is a polyester, it also has the added perk of being quick dry, as polyester doesn't hold moisture as well as other fabrics. This is a great feature for a face covering that you’re breathing into for multiple hours, as the moisture from your breath will not get stuck in the fabric and then rest against your face. They also machine dry quickly after washing! 

An internal pocket accommodates a filter of your choice. Stainless steel adjustable nose piece. 

Available in youth and adult sizes.

Size Chart
It’s important that your face covering fits as snug as possible to your face. Take some time to do the following measurements before you order. Don’t assume that your face size is similar to your clothing size. Face shapes can vary significantly from person to person. Measure from the beginning of one ear, over the tip of your nose, to the start of your other ear. 

Adult X-Large – 30.5 cm
Adult Large – 29 cm
Adult Medium – 27 cm
Adult Small – 26 cm
Youth Large – 25 cm
Youth Medium – 23.5 cm
Youth Small – 22 cm

Shipping Details
Face masks are shipped directly from the printer, and the shipping fee is charged during checkout. 


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